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Dress code, ethos and behaviour
What are we like at Fulford?

Dress Code

At Fulford we aim to take a sensitive, modern and flexible approach to dress codes but we do ask that you respect the wishes of the members and take note of the dress code.

All members, visitors and guests are expected to be appropriately dressed on the course and in the Clubhouse and surrounding areas.

The rules below are provided as a guideline, however the Club reserves the right to refuse access to anyone not meeting the standard expected at the club nor any other item of dress deemed inappropriate not expressly mentioned below.

The Club has the right to temporarily relax the Dress Code to facilitate events. Children under 10 years old are not bound by the Dress Code.

On the Course

Allowed on the course
  • Smart golf clothing, worn in the appropriate manner
  • Non collared GOLF shirt with sleeves
  • Golf shoes must be worn by Players and other participants intending to stand on the Greens
  • Shirts tucked in except for those shaped and designed to be worn outside
  • Turtlenecks or modern trends for tapered and zip-up collars are permitted
  • Ladies are permitted to wear calf-length trousers
  • Ladies are permitted to wear sleeveless shirts
  • Shorts must be tailored and of an appropriate style and length
  • Any length or colour sock appropriate with the golf shoes.
Not allowed on the course
  • Denim jeans, jackets, joggers, cargo or combat trousers
  • Metal spiked golf shoes, apart from in winter
  • T-Shirts, team sports shirts, tracksuits or beach wear
  • Sleeveless shirts are prohibited for Gentlemen

In The Clubhouse

Allowed in the clubhouse and on the paved patio area
  • All the above which will be expected to be clean and dry.
  • Smart clean denim jeans can be worn with a collared shirt for men - ladies to a similar standard. Clean training shoes may also be worn.
  • Dining may take place in accordance with the above except at formal functions when the dress rules for social occasions will be posted on the Notice Board.
Not allowed in the clubhouse or paved patio area
  • All the above - except for smart clean denim jeans, which may be worn
  • Golf shoes are prohibited in the Lounge and Dining area of the clubhouse
  • It is requested that overcoats, hats and scarves are hung up in the Locker Rooms whilst using the Bars, Lounges and Dining areas.

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A Great Experience For Everyone

The Club exists to enable all who visit to enjoy their time at Fulford. The Club certainly doesn’t want a sombre atmosphere, but one that everyone can enjoy. Just a few thoughts on making that happen.

Being friendly

We want Fulford to remain a friendly place to play golf. It’s only fair that all members, visitors and staff should always conduct themselves in this way towards anyone they find at the Club.

Members should look to make every effort to welcome and embrace new members to the Club so that they can get the most enjoyment from their membership. Similarly, should groups of members find a lone golfer looking to play or out on the course, they should be warmly welcomed and invited to join them if this is practical.

Cutting in

The course gives various opportunities for people to play less than 18 holes. Those playing a full round should always be given right of way on the course and you should only “cut in” if you can do so without delaying the players who will be behind you.


Whilst sitting on the verandah, please respect golfers who are playing the 1st and 18th holes. Similarly, noise can also travel easily from the putting green to the 1st tee and 18th green.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should not be used on the course except in an emergency. They are allowed in the Clubhouse. Please switch them to silent and respect others by taking calls either in the lobby, hallway, upstairs rooms, locker rooms or car park.

Pace of play

Enjoying your game is important to everyone. We don’t want to rush people but here are some simple ways to keep your game moving:

  • Be ready to play when it’s your turn – checking the distance, choosing a club, checking your line, can all be done while others are playing or walking.
  • Ready-golf suggest players can play “out of turn” to keep the game moving – just co-ordinate this as you play
  • You don’t have to play quickly but walking with purpose between shots keeps things moving
  • Sometimes it’s quicker to hit your shot before crossing to help a playing partner locate their ball.
Course care

To help keep our course in great condition for all, please take care in:

  • Repairing all pitch marks
  • Raking all bunkers and leaving them in a condition you would hope to play from
  • Replacing all divots, making sure there’s the best chance of repair by bedding them down
  • Keep all golf trolleys around the outside of greenside bunkers and respect guide ropes at all times.